New York Fashion Week Fall 2012 [Fashionable]5/17/2013 2:20:58 AM
´╗┐New York Fashion Week Fall 2012 The latest thing the master told me that he learned about himself is the power of his own passion and drive to keep on coming up with exciting clothes to both charm and empower the women he so loves. His fall/winter 2012 collection was no exception. Using jewels as his main inspiration, many of the gorgeous garments featured large digital prints of heirloom brooches and giant crystals. Some jewel pendants were actually sewn onto some of the pieces. Inspiring plays on texture abounded, with rich, sparkling tweeds, fine Chantilly lace appliqu on nude chiffon, and dazzling silver embroidery on both cashmere sweaters and one gleaming white satin dress. Sporty little fur jackets and vests added to the luxurious feel of this youthful collection, and pastel shades of soft pink and icy blue never looked so rich. Delicate jewelled headbands and demure necklines were utterly romantic, with standout gowns featuring rows of taffeta ruffles. But there were also simpler goddess looks and a couple of sensational tulle fantasies that would certainly do a red carpet proud.